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How to get more Likes on Instagram?

Share qualitative posts

When advertising on Instagram, think of likes as being its currency. Every page out there strives to attract as many likes as possible as they increase their reputation and means that people like your brand. That said, it is important to share relevant content, images,and videos, and attract people to like them. Additionally, make sure that the photos and videos that you post are of high quality and relevant to your audience’s preferences. Instagram offers features such as filters which allow you to modify images and videos. Make use of those! Also, see what your competitors are doing and which of their posts got the most likes and apply them to your page. Analyze the audience that you already have and see what kind of posts they like to see. Once you have done that, follow that theme. Be careful though, because most pages fall in the trap of switching their theme occasionally and that not only will not get you likes on your posts but will angry your followers who will eventually unfollow you.

Promote your posts

fOne of the most effective organic ways of promoting your posts is the usage of hashtags. A recent study found out that a post that contains eleven hashtags or more were the ones who received most likes. That said, make sure to use at least eleven hashtags but do not more than twenty because your posts will end up looking like spam. Additionally, when it comes to likes, most pages have had had a lot of success in attaining them only by asking for them directly. By directly we do not mean “Please like my posts”’ but creating content such as “Like if you agree with this quote”. Additionally, if you are a company trying to sell a product, do not make your posts all about your offerings because once people feel that you are trying to sell to them, they will feel irritated. Instead, try to engage rather than sell. Also, do not be afraid to use other social media platforms to generate likes for your posts. Studies have shown that each social media platform has its own pool of users, therefore make use of them. Share your link with the audience in other platform and get likes and followers on your Instagram page

Engage with the audience

Engaging with your audience is an almost guaranteed way of generating likes as well as visibility. While talking about visibility, one of the first ways how you can increase your presence it reaching out to influencers. Before choosing one influencer, make sure that he/she is the right fit for your brand and industry. Once you partner with them, they will give you brand awareness, expand your reach and let people know that you are committed to the latest trends. People like to feel appreciated and cared for, that is why it’s important to create captions that somehow communicate with them. Also, when it comes to communication, involve yourself in the comment threads. Even if the comments are positive or negative, make sure to reply or thank them for commenting or answer questions. Apart from that, hosting contests can really build excitement around your brand. Contests revolving around likes, comments or photo challenges can really boost engagement and increase your likes. There are tons of alternatives that you can experiment with contests, however, the only limitation is your creativity.

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