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How Incentivizing the Audience Can Get You More Instagram Followers


The ultimate goal for any business on Instagram is to amass a huge collection of loyal followers who trust and swear by their brand. The quest to get more followers can make or break a business Instagram account. If done right, it can convert to a large number of loyal customers and a huge return on investment.

Which makes it easier to understand the lengths that businesses go to in their pursuit of this goal. Dodgy shortcuts such as buying customers or using bots often lead to short-lived success, and usually end up costing you more than what they are worth. The best way to get more Instagram followers is by going about things the old-fashioned way- make following your account worth their while.

This is where incentivizing your audience comes in. By using the right incentive strategies, you will be able to collect a huge following in no time. This article will look at how incentivizing your audience can get you more Instagram followers.

1. Create a clear Incentivising strategy

You need to start at the point of coming up with a detailed plan of how you are going to use Instagram for your business. This is the only way to avoid wasting resources and getting a good return on investment.

Clearly define your goals, your target audience, your brand aesthetic, and the story you want to tell. Then determine which strategies you intend to use to incentivize your audience and gain more followers.

2. Share Great content

The next thing you need to do is make sure your content is compelling enough to be shareable. It needs to be original enough and add value to everyone it reaches. This is the only way people will want to like, comment on, and share it with their followers, allowing you to reach an even wider audience.

3. Promoting your Instagram account on other social media

Promoting your account to your other accounts makes it easier for more people to find you. Make your Instagram account as discoverable as possible. If you have a wide user base on a different social media platform, promote your Instagram there and let your existing user base know you exist.

When you do this, you need to make them want to come to find you. This is where the incentives come in. You can do this in many different ways – show them a sneak peek of exclusive content, have giveaways, show them your best Instagram posts, among other strategies.

4. Sharing your account in other communications

It is important to a have a link of your Instagram page on your website, email signature, blog posts or online newsletters. When you do so, make sure they know that by clicking on the link they also gain access to exclusive content or some sort of giveaway to further make them willing to do it.

5. Following other Instagram users

Always follow relevant users. There is a good chance they will check you out too, and if your content is relevant to them, they might follow you back.

6. Be Consistent

Consistent high-quality content is a great incentive to get people to stick around and see what else you can come up with. You need to make sure you post only great, valuable, high-quality content in a predictable consistency.
It also helps you keep your existing followers interested. When they interact with your post, their activity is also visible to their audiences, further giving you more organic exposure. If you post daily, you stand a good chance of gaining many more followers.

7. Captioning

Your captions also play a huge role in gaining you more followers. Remember to put the most important words up front, then ask a question. The question here is important because it boosts your engagement with your audience. When they comment, their followers see their activity, and in turn, notice your brand. This further attracts more followers to you. Finally, you can try using emojis, and relevant hashtags to further increase your discoverability. It is also a good idea to experiment with several different caption lengths till you find something that works for your brand.

8. Tag relevant users

Tagging other Instagram accounts is a great way to encourage and incentivize them to engage with your post. It will also encourage them to share it with their own audiences, further exposing you and gaining you new followers. Use an @-mention in your caption or tag them with the tagging functionality.

9. Ask your followers to tag their friends

Encourage your followers to tag their own friends in the comments. Use a catchy phrase to get them to engage with your content by tagging the people in their circles, for example, “Tag someone you know who needs this vacation!” This will rapidly gain you, new followers.

10. Tag your location

If your business has a physical location, you want customers to come to you. When you tag your location and ask your audience to do the same, you make it easier for other users to click that location and find photos of you and your business, exposing your brand and incentivizing more people to follow you and to pay you a visit.

11. Run contests and giveaways

Contests on Instagram can grow your audience in a massive way. It is a great incentivizing strategy because it helps drive traffic to your website or even sell your product. You can make it in such a way that if someone wants to participate in the contest, they need to follow you, or like or comment on one of your photos or repost it. You can also have them use a specific hashtag to promote your business or the contest in their circles and get even more people entering it.
This strategy works well for any kind of business, whether big or small. You will experience a noticeable growth in revenue during the contest period and a visible increase in brand awareness afterward.

Instagram is a great marketing tool for your business. If you are not already using the platform, you are missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers. By using these strategies, you can harness the real power of Instagram marketing. You will be able to build a huge following of loyal users who adore your product, and you will definitely see a noticeable increase in revenue. Incentivizing your audience is definitely the best way to get more Instagram followers.