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Getting Instagram Followers By Having Qualitative Photos and Bio


Statistics show that more than 600 million users engage with business accounts on Instagram per month. Be it commenting, liking, or sharing, this engagement always leads to increased business conversions.

That explains why every brand must be focused on growing its numbers on Instagram in order to leverage this massive audience and build its online presence, legitimately.

Businesses need an Instagram followership that can easily convert to loyal customers as opposed to private accounts which sometimes acquire illegitimate followers without minding whether or not they will engage with them later on. How, then, can you get Instagram followers without resulting to underhand methods? By having qualitative photos and bio. Please read on to understand six ways through which this is possible.


1. Craft a great bio and profile

How well you craft your Instagram profile determines how good your first impression will be in the eyes of your potential followers. A great profile does not only attract new followers but also leads to more business conversions.

Unfortunately, Instagram allows you only about 150 characters to make this all-important first impression. How, then, can you make a good Instagram bio/profile within that very limited space? Here are five key tips for you:

Always use the most relevant picture as your display image. It could be your business logo, a photo of your head offices, or any other photo that your prospective followers can easily relate with.
Choose an Instagram name that captures your business name and, if possible, your niche and location. If your business name is ABC Fashion House and is based in Seattle, for example, @abcfashion, @abcfashionhouse, or @abcfashionhouse_seattle would be good names to use. How can your followers reach you outside of Instagram? Tell them how by providing them with your phone number, email address, links to your other social media platforms, and a link to your website.

In your bio section, powerfully explain yourself to your prospective audience. Tell them why they should trust your business, which gaps you would fill in their lives if given the chance, and everything that you feel can help your course. Don’t forget to add a call to action at the end of your bio.

Now that Instagram allows you to use emojis and hashtags in your bio, cleverly use them to tweak your profile in a fun way. Just be keen not to use irrelevant hashtags that would dilute your brand or emojis that convey emotional messages which would make your account appear “spammy”.


2. Share compelling content and captions

Content is king in online marketing, be it on social media or search engines. You need to create compelling content that will convince your prospective followers to visit your Instagram page, follow you, and purchase your products or services. How will you achieve this?

Understand your prospective followers- what they like, how they respond to different types of content, their age and gender, their location, and their key persuasions in life. You will have a very easy time creating content for people you fully understand.
Make sure that you post new, relevant content regularly and consistently. You may need to research the most ideal time to post depending on your target demographic.
For every Instagram photo that you post, tell the story behind it using the most captivating caption possible. Use powerful words to feed souls and to make them hungry for more.
Take control of your tagged photos by not allowing them to add automatically. You can do this by going to “Settings” on your profile and then under the option of “Photos of You”, choose the option to “Add Manually”. This is a sure way of locking out the unwanted, misleading, and substandard content.

Leverage the power of videos, live videos, and Instagram Stories. According to research, almost half a billion Instagram users watch Instagram stories per day while the user engagement time for Instagram videos is twice as much as that of static images. Besides that, going live on Instagram places you ahead of other story feed which gives you more visibility.

Mix up your content with catchy GIFs to make it more shareable on Instagram. GIFs are free to create so nothing should hold you back here.

Embrace and feature user-generated content on your timeline, then credit that content to the originator. This gives you more content options, breaks the monotony of you posting all the time, and makes you visible to the originator’s followers. Think of this as a cheap influencer marketing strategy.

Encourage your followers to comment on your content by featuring fun-facts, polls, and relevant questions.

3. Use relevant hashtags

We already mentioned how important relevant hashtags are to your profile. The same holds true for your day-to-day posts.
Hashtags make your content visible to users who could either be looking for specific information within your niche or randomly exploring different photos on Instagram. The trick here is to use some of the trendy hashtags to your advantage and to create your own branded hashtags whenever you can. If you succeed in creating a hashtag that your followers enjoy sharing, you stand a chance of doubling up your followership within no time.

4. Tag the right people

Tagging the right people is almost as powerful as using relevant hashtags. It helps you create a unique rapport with those you tag and to encourage them to share your content with their followers. Who are the right people to tag? Anyone in your followership is a good candidate to tag because they already have a connection with your brand and would, therefore, easily convert to loyal brand ambassadors. It doesn’t matter how many followers a follower has for as long as he/she is willing to tag along with a few new followers.

You can also tag celebrities and other non-competitor brands if their area of specialization strongly correlates with yours. A good way of doing this is taking pictures with your target celebrity, featuring them on your feeds, then tagging them in the process. Make the tag look natural but try to get the most out of it. If you get a picture of famous people using your products, don’t hesitate to post it.

Note: As you tag the right people, always remember to tag your location as well. This makes your content discoverable to users within your locality and as you may already know, the significance of local SEO has skyrocketed in the recent past.

5. Create relationships


You can create productive relationships on Instagram by either sponsoring Instagram influencers or partnering with other brands to promote each other’s content. In the former case, you will need to pay social media influencers for them to tag your account on their sponsored posts.
In the latter case, you will find a brand with a strong online reputation and then ride on that reputation to gain new followers. The other brand does the same. You will be “copy-pasting” each other’s content on your accounts and then tagging each other in order to reach a new audience and at the same time provide your existing followers with a diversified content.


6. Comment in hashtags of interest

Being part of popular Instagram conversations is a sure way of inviting new people to engage with you as a person and as a brand. You will need to be creative with your comments so as to be hilarious, sensible, and attention-grabbing. Also be careful not to go overboard with unnecessary comments and end up diluting your brand.
Growing your numbers on Instagram is key to your business growth both offline and online. There is, however, immense competition on the platform, some brands even going to the extent of buying illegitimate followers, which makes your task even harder. The six points herein will help you to get new Instagram followers, authentically.