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Gaining Massive Followers on Instagram through Growth Strategies


If you have already discovered the massive power that Instagram has gained over the recent past, both as a social platform and a marketing media, then you must be figuring out ways of gaining as many followers as possible. You also must have realized that gaining new followers isn’t the easiest things to do; it requires lots of time and effort. But that said, we want to imagine that you have already started creating powerful content for your existing audience with the hope of attracting new followers. We are, therefore, here to assist you with the last part and that is building your Instagram followership legitimately and organically. Here are 7 ways of gaining massive followers on Instagram through growth strategies:

1. Promote your Instagram presence on other social networks

Cross-promotion is among the most effective strategies of amassing loyal followership on nearly all social media channels. It entails convincing users who follow you on one platform, say Facebook, to also follow you on another platform, say Instagram. The logic here is simple: If you have built a strong reputation on one platform to the point of thousands of people trusting your content fully, it is only fair to let the world know where else to find you on the internet. You can achieve this in three ways:

– Using paid advertising whereby you pay an Instagram influencer to post photos on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. then link them to your Instagram account.

– Copy-pasting links to your Instagram account on your other social channels, every now and then. You can spice things up by adding a catchy description under each link such that everyone who reads it cannot resist checking out the link.

– Automatically post your Instagram photos to your Facebook or Twitter pages. This is simple, really: You just need to link your Instagram account to other channels by tapping on “Linked Accounts” under “Settings” from your Instagram app, tapping on each of the social media icons that will be displayed, and then permitting them to publish your Instagram photos and their captions.

2. Post regularly and often

According to a recent study by the Tailwind, a popular visual marketing tool, the number of likes and followers you get is directly proportional to the number of posts you make. That’s to say that if you post seven times a week, each of your posts will get more likes and comments than when you post, say, twice a week. This increased engagement with your posts quickly yields more followership. The Tailwind study also deduced that one Instagram post per week is likely to grow your followership by a rate of about 14%, 3-5 posts by about 26%, and 7 posts or more by 56%.

The Instagram algorithm works in a manner synonymous with the ancient saying: For whoever has, more will be given. The higher the engagement levels on your Instagram posts, the more discoverable the algorithm makes your account and vice versa. It will always place your content at the top of your followers’ feed thus prompting them to like, comment, or share it with their followers. That attracts more followers and more comments, and that cycle continues.

3. Post at the right time

What is the right time to post on Instagram? Well, the “right time” has been shifting from time to time, at least according to most social media managers. It used to be between 7-9pm in 2016, it then shifted to 11am-1pm in 2017, then to 7-9pm and 11-1pm in 2018. Do you find this trend confusing? To be honest, we all do. That’s why we advise you to ignore whatever time that expert social media strategist call “right” and instead find your own right time depending on who your followers are and the time zones they are in. Here are a few tips to help you with this:

What time are your followers online? Which days are they likely to be off work? When do they comment or share your posts more? Thoroughly study your audience and post at their most convenient time. If you are targeting a young demographic, the millennial to be precise, you can post at any time of day and still find most of them online. If your target audience is the old and mid-aged folk, however, you may have to wait until they are out for lunch for you to post because that’s the time they are likely to check their phones.

Bottom line: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all posting timeline, so you may need to experiment on which time works best for you.

Work with your audience’s time zones, not yours. If you are based in New York but are targeting a Moscow-based audience, for example, you need to adjust your time accordingly. Don’t post during your lunch break if you want your followers in Moscow to see that post during their own lunch break. Moscow is 8 hours ahead of New York, so you must post very early in the morning.
If yours is a business profile, use scheduled Instagram posts to avoid forgetting when to post and to avoid the hassles of waking up in the middle of the night to post. Your content, in this case, is automatically posted at your appointed time.

4. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories attract more than 2 billion views every week, with over 35% of that number coming from business accounts. That explains why this awesome feature must be on your radar if you are to compete effectively on Instagram. For you to get the lion share of these views, do the following:

– Make your Instagram Stories highlight a short trailer that tells your brand’s story quickly, exhaustively, and precisely. Think of it as a visual representation of your bio.

– Engage your audience using Instagram Polls. While at it, ensure that the polls you post on your Instagram stories are relevant to your niche and that they seek information that you will later use to improve your brand.

– Use GIFs in your stories but avoid the few which convey controversial messages. Users engage more with GIF stories than static image stories.

Although an Instagram story is limited to 15 seconds only, don’t shy away from posting your long videos for as long as you know they carry some valuable information. The trick here is to slice the video to multiple 15-second videos and then post them all in a nice order.
Contrary to expectations, promoting other brands in your Instagram stories doesn’t hurt your brand in any way. As a matter of fact, you end up luring them into promoting your brand on their stories as well.

5. Try live video

Instagram live is an amazing avenue for you to intimately interact with your followers. That intimacy leads to loyalty which translates to higher engagement levels and increased following. But how can you get the best from these live videos?
To block any negative energy from ruining your Instagram live video, always disable the comments from your viewers. The last thing you want is to be distracted by a negative comment made by a malicious follower.

Disabling comments means that your viewers won’t see them, but you will. Always pin some selected comments that you feel will build your brand then enable them after the live video. Live videos do not disappear until after 24 hours, so your followers will keep viewing it in the form of Instagram stories, reading the positive, pinned comments in the process.

6. Follow other relevant users

You want other Instagram users to follow you? Well, they, too, want you to follow them. If you scratch their back, they will scratch yours. Enough said.

7. Buy followers

Are you in a hurry to gain a huge Instagram followership? If yes, buying followers is an ideal option for you. You can but up to 50 followers for just a dollar. Being that cheap, will these followers help your business? Yes and no. Yes, because some real users associate huge followership with good reputation and no because bought followers are mostly inactive, bot accounts which will never comment nor share your posts.
There is more to Instagram followership than just numbers; you need high-level engagements and growing conversion rates. In everything you do, therefore, always try to capture the attention of relevant users as opposed to spectator users who do not add anything to your business.