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This is a guide on how to get Instagram
Followers, Likes, Comment and Views.

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Pushing for more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is surely becoming one of the most used social platforms out there. Since its inception in 2010, it has proven to be a very powerful marketing tool for businesses who seek to expand their business. If you have a business and have not yet tried to catch the bandwagon, then you will eventually be left behind. But don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help. Throughout our experience, we have come to understand the importance of Instagram and its potential for growing your brand awareness, and we are here to share will you the tips and guidelines that worked for us.

There are many questions that you probably have such as how to attract more followers, how to increase the number of like and comments, how to stand among other creative and beautiful videos and photos out there? These questions pose a struggle for most marketers out there, but we are here to help you answer those questions and offer our expertise throughout our guides.


34% users are millennials


38% check it multiple times a day


22% of users log in at least once a day


25% of smartphone owners use it

How to get
Instagram Followers

Find below three main methods that will guide you to earn more followers:


1. Commit to quality

Before landing your first followers or attracting new followers, it is important to customize your profile and make as attractive as possible. Make your page creative so that people can easily identify who you are and give them a reason to follow you. Once the profile is ready, start posting qualitative content and captions. We all know that Instagram is about sharing photos and videos, therefore captions play a very important because if they are done right, they can get you content shared, thus more followers. Also, let’s not forget hashtags. By using relevant hashtags, your posts will reach a wider audience. However, hashtags need to be carefully done because if done poorly can leave you with undesirable followers.

Craft a great bio and profile
Share compelling content and captions
Use relevant hashtags

2. Use a growth strategy

Once you have positioned yourself in the market and created an attractive profile, it is time to boost up your strategy to attract followers. First, let people know about your existence. Share your profile in other social media platforms and attract followers. Once you created a follower’s base, share with them your content on daily basis. However, make sure to choose the right time to post content since it will guarantee you more visibility. Additionally, make use of Instagram’s recently-added feature-  the stories. They are a great way to engage your customers and update them with the latest news/products/services. Also, as a new feature, you can go live and let people know what you are up to at the moment.

Promote your Instagram presence on other social networks
Post regularly and often
Try live video
Post at the right time

3. Incentivize the audience

Almost everybody is somehow inclined to follow a certain brand, not only because they like your photos, but because they have an incentive to do so. What you can do is offer your followers some sort of promotion, contest, giveaway to encourage them to follow you or attract new followers. These incentives can, however, be conducted in different ways as to attract more followers such tagging relevant user, asking followers to tag your friends, tagging your location etc. The utmost benefit of this method is that if the incentive is good it will almost go viral and guarantee you many followers coming toward your page.

Tag relevant users
Ask your followers to tag their friends
Tag your location
Run Contests & Giveaways

How to get Instagram Likes

Share qualitative posts

When advertising on Instagram, think of likes as being its currency. Every page out there strives to attract as many likes as possible as they increase their reputation and means that people like your brand. That said, it is important to share relevant content, images,and videos, and attract people to like them. Additionally, make sure that the photos and videos that you post are of high quality and relevant to your audience’s preferences. Instagram offers features such as filters which allow you to modify images and videos. Make use of those! Also, see what your competitors are doing and which of their posts got the most likes and apply them to your page. Analyze the audience that you already have and see what kind of posts they like to see. Once you have done that, follow that theme. Be careful though, because most pages fall in the trap of switching their theme occasionally and that not only will not get you likes on your posts but will angry your followers who will eventually unfollow you.

Promote your posts

One of the most effective organic ways of promoting your posts is the usage of hashtags. A recent study found out that a post that contains eleven hashtags or more were the ones who received most likes. That said, make sure to use at least eleven hashtags but do not more than twenty because your posts will end up looking like spam. Additionally, when it comes to likes, most pages have had had a lot of success in attaining them only by asking for them directly. By directly we do not mean “Please like my posts”’ but creating content such as “Like if you agree with this quote”. Additionally, if you are a company trying to sell a product, do not make your posts all about your offerings because once people feel that you are trying to sell to them, they will feel irritated. Instead, try to engage rather than sell. Also, do not be afraid to use other social media platforms to generate likes for your posts. Studies have shown that each social media platform has its own pool of users, therefore make use of them. Share your link with the audience in other platform and get likes and followers on your Instagram page

Engage with the audience

Engaging with your audience is an almost guaranteed way of generating likes as well as visibility. While talking about visibility, one of the first ways how you can increase your presence it reaching out to influencers. Before choosing one influencer, make sure that he/she is the right fit for your brand and industry. Once you partner with them, they will give you brand awareness, expand your reach and let people know that you are committed to the latest trends. People like to feel appreciated and cared for, that is why it’s important to create captions that somehow communicate with them. Also, when it comes to communication, involve yourself in the comment threads. Even if the comments are positive or negative, make sure to reply or thank them for commenting or answer questions. Apart from that, hosting contests can really build excitement around your brand. Contests revolving around likes, comments or photo challenges can really boost engagement and increase your likes. There are tons of alternatives that you can experiment with contests, however, the only limitation is your creativity.

How to get Instagram Comments

#1 – Choose the right content

Everyone wants to have a page that flourishes with comments and likes. Having more and more comments means that your audience really appreciates your content/posts and like the interaction with you. However, to reach such a status where the audience almost always comments, can be a real struggle. But posting the right content at the right can really make a difference. First, to persuade people to comment, you need to have content that is emotional, provocative, humorous or somehow surprising. Apart from that, you can ask people of their option on certain matters and you will be surprised at the results. Another strategy that you could use is posting videos. Nowadays, people love to have everything either explained through videos or even videos of people trying or found something themselves. As humans, it is much easier for us to understand something visually, rather than read it. Additionally, when videos have an informative or humorous contest, people like to share it with their friends or family and this will encourage them to comment by tagging their friends.

#2 – Spark Engagement

So far, you have probably understood that customer engagement and satisfaction is crucial on Instagram. At the end of the day, they are the ones who make our business succeed or fail. While they are our supporters, clients, friends, it is very important to make them feel special. That said, people like to feel that their opinions matter, so why not use that at your advantage? Share anything that can get them talking or share their opinions. Also, challenge them by inviting them to be part of your Instagram word. Make sure to like and comment and communicate with everybody who accepts your challenge. This will create trust between them and your brand.

How to get Instagram Views

#1 – Publish human content

Most of the time, marketers make mistakes when posting content on social media. They bombard their users with sales pitches that most of the time irritates them. The whole point of Instagram is for people to share photos and chat with one and other. Every time you publish content that is sales oriented or you choose a wrong approach, this will drive away your followers and you won’t have any engagement whatsoever. However, it is important that your content is tailored as per your audience’s interests. This on the other side will boost your brand reputation, will increase the engagement, thus pushing the Instagram’s algorithm to rank you as high as possible in the people’s fees. Nevertheless, to increase your Instagram, make sure to make use of the Instagram stories who offer various options for engagement and means to increase views. These features allow you to make polls, add stickers, location, hashtags, boomerang, superzoom, gifs etc. All of all which are great attractions for your followers to engage with you.

#2 – Use Instagram Features

When it comes to posting content on your Instagram page, you should always think about how the audience will perceive your message. Nowadays, Instagram offers so many opportunities and features that you can use those to tailor your message as your audience would like to see them, hence increasing your views. It is important to be mentioned that people feel appreciated when their opinion is asked. A recent Instagram feature which has gained a lot of popularity is the Instagram Polls. This feature allows you to ask questions about your audience and find out what they like. In this way, you will only boost the user engagement but will also have an available tool for you to generate data from your audience. Additionally, hashtags and location tags provide a quite powerful way to reach a wider audience. With hashtags, once somebody searches for one of your hashtags, they will be able to find out your profile and your products/services. Tagging a location, on the other hand, is a similar way to attract followers and views in your page. Once you have added the location, the audience will be able to view your products and services when they type that location.

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